NBC Inspiring America News Segment Artwork.

The Lilac House & Susan Burton featured in NBC News’ “Inspiring America: The 2023 Inspiration List” June 10 Primetime Special

The Lilac House, one of its residents, and founder Pamela Zimba will be featured in a segment highlighting Susan Burton and the Safe Housing Network as part of “Inspiring America: The 2023 Inspiration List,” a primetime special airing June 10, 2023 on NBC and its affiliated networks.

In this third annual edition of NBC News’ “Inspiring America,” 10 individuals whose work across various fields has made a huge impact in the world are featured, including Susan Burton, founder of the non-profit A New Way of Life and the SAFE Housing Network.

Burton, having survived the cycle of mass incarceration for nearly two decades, now dedicates her life to freedom work. After founding A New Way of Life in 1998, the organization has grown into a holistic reentry program that serves as a national model.

The SAFE Housing Network was founded by Burton in 2018 to serve the thousands of formerly incarcerated women who need access to reentry support services and safe transitional housing. The Lilac House, founded in 2022 by Zimba, is one of the network’s 31 authorized members.

Zimba was recently interviewed by NBC regarding her connection to Burton, whom Zimba met through a fellowship opportunity offered by the Bard Prison Initiative and the Ford Foundation. The interview will air as part of the special on June 10.

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